Had it been given a thought before, the situation would be the other way round; owing to the world population touching the mark as high as 7 billion, the need to provide basic facilities, food & job security and improving living standards & life span of these individuals are now the biggest challenges in front of the world communities and their governments. Emphasize is to be lead basically on the co-development, the idea is a new one.

Being aware of the very fact that sooner or later the economical, infrastructural and social development or backwardness of neighboring countries will surely put strong impact on a country, more and more regional and intercontinental associations are coming into existences which are together setting up the growth & development goals for the member nations. The story doesn’t ends here; already existing associations are also expanding their impact either by inviting the new countries to join them or by inculcating and adopting new global goals. The testimony lies in more developed countries lending financial and technical support to other nations which not only includes infrastructural assistance but also defense collaboration & providing technology & training to their institutions & organizations. Joint military exercises are no different story.

In reality, while the previous decade saw the restless developmental goals of developing countries and an equal competition from developed ones in order maintain their economy and outreach the already set benchmarks, leading into a threatening increase in carbon emission, the current era seeks a remedy to the damage done. Realizing the same most of the nations has declared either their ‘carbon-emission-cut’ targets or collective ‘to be taken’ action by group nations.

In the current scenario when many countries have acquired nuclear capabilities and race to acquire new & upgraded ‘war deterrents’ has become a never ending process, emphasize is also being given to set a ‘millennium goal of sustainable development’ which will lead the world to achieve better economic & environmental state. Here it would be significant to mention the World Bank’s recent stand on providing the financial support to some newly created bank intended to provide fund for development in South Asian countries.

There are enumerable such incidents which had taken place on world stage where nations has joined hands in the hour of need and the same must go on in order to make the world a place with 7 billion smiling faces.

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