I wish I’d more of you

On many occasions through the walk of life you may have come across situations where you would have wanted to look back and see what you have left behind and what are those things which may have changed your present had they been there for just a little longer.

It essentially is not a regret rather a wish for your past or for a moment or about a person who have influenced you in a way that you wanted to have more of it but could not. Read through one such phase of my life which would take you to a new horizon of relationships.

I wish I had more of you. I had neither seen it earlier nor now I could, but I have a hint of it somewhere that you were the one capable of understanding everything around me and the people the most.
I felt and knew that you were right all along those disputes and on times we’d had arguments. I had seen you crossing fit of the moment rather calmer and how you have grown grave, greater and forgiving together.
I know you had all the answers of the questions which I didn’t even ask.
I wish I’d more of you.
I know you have been busy shaping our future and stitching the torned pieces of our relationship and yet never showed your hands were wounded doing that.

I was weak and, you knew, would fail when time would come but that didn’t stop you putting everything at stake. I wish I’d more of you.

My lost precious love I’d never seen the goddess of love, sacrifice and selflessness but I am sure she must look like you, smile, walk, sit, cry, care, scold and speak like you. I failed you for I lost the courage, or rather didn’t gather enough, to walk beside you against all odds.

While you made your path through these odds, I took the easy one at the cost of you. Leaving you in pain and agony.

You cried when I walked away. And I cried when I couldn’t walk back to you. I wish I’d more of you.



  1. What you described in a very touching manner is the regret of have let go a related soul.
    Conclusion: Everybody sets his own priorities. We have to make sacrifices for our choices. And in the end perhaps we notice that we made wrong choices and that we paid a high price for it. What remains is regret. It’s so sad, crushing and meaningless. But that’s a lesson life is teaching us.

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