This is an incident that took place with my younger brother and he wanted me to share this incident from his college which he had narrated and written and I have edited for him. Just a small learning.


“I’m Jobless now’’, said Mr.Abhinanadan Basu. He took road to the Main Gate of college – Dyal Singh. I was talking to Harish Rawal, my Lab partner, when he approached us little disturbed with something and said those lines. Mr.Basu was lecturer of Statistical Physics, which happens to be the only independent branch of Quantum Physics that contains a lot of mathematical shit.

I almost got dizzy as it was me who was to blame for this incident. But was I really?

This happened on a day a month ago. A normal day it was and as usual I was wandering in physics laboratory. It was the fourth lecture when clock went 12. I was about to manipulate the data for Stephen’s Constant when Dr. B Biswas, our HOD, came in. Hadn’t she arrived that moment, this would not have happened. Well, she came and asked for somebody to come to her; I had to follow that voice as nobody else seemed to attend. I walked to her and was asked about the teaching and status of course being covered by Mr. Basu. This was that very moment when I answered, quite awfully, that Mr. Basu’s teaching wasn’t as satisfactory as required. “One needs to be more energetic and able – to put their thought eloquently to us”, I said. All I wanted was something simpler than what just had happened consecutive to our this conversation. I was concerned about myself and my class and this was a very simple worry. I probably thought that by doing so we might have more classes and we’ll be able to gain more insight in statistical physics, but to everybody’s amazement and my shock Dr. Biswas got him terminated. I felt my heart sinking and heavy with a feeling that until now has never been a part of the emotions those I have ever experienced in my life – It was guilt. Mostly it was due to my nature, as tender hearted and naïve I was and partly I felt this was too much of a consequence.

A thought of apologizing to Mr. Basu and telling him everything crossed my mind for a second but I did just let that go for I didn’t have the courage to do so and probably, may be to my guilt but, that wasn’t going to help him anyway.

We immediately rushed to Physics department to confirm the same and found it to be true.

I haven’t been in such situation where I heard my classmates blame me for anything wrong. I couldn’t hear them now.

This is it; which could be a guilt of a lifetime.

But soon, a month later, I heard that Mr. Basu got a job at St. Stephen’s which made me lighter enough to make another mistake.

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