Are you a blogger in infancy?

Rather encouraged by the events discussed in the national dailies and other format of print media and on-line contents I started off with my own Blog, pouring in it everything I had in my mind. Most of the time I was able to convey my thoughts eloquently but on some others I kept of writing the branched view of a thought and then its crux and more branches and than their branches thus ending with a cluttered view and web of interconnected and disconnected thoughts those were until now hunting me and now were on the screen in front of me – dancing on their own and sort of mocking me!
This state of mind and dilemma of thoughts often occurs to new writers who has a lot to write and share but not sure where to start. Most of our kind turn to the blogging sites and other platform to see what others are doing and what form of writing is appraised mostly. This quest while may help you to start your journey in the world of words but might make your own flow blunt on the other hand, for you may have better ideas and might be the one who would have brought-in a new style of phrasing, may be a unique way of story-telling or probably the fresh dimension that may not have been explored so far.
So what should one really do?
I’ll try to answer this question as this was, or rather is, a question for me as well and comes in front of me every now and than once I start to put down my thoughts on something new. I must however should clarify that this article is not a guide for the new writers; so if you are looking for a straight key to the fortune in the blogging, please swallow it with a pinch of salt that this is certainly not a guide on – How to write blogs? At the same time this is just not another article on the problems we, the budding writers, face. So, read on for your joy and understanding.
As you would sit down with your pen and paper plenty of thoughts you might have that moment but as soon as you think to start writing these all will vanish in the blue leaving you wondering – if I need to learn writing first!
But please don’t be disappointed as I steered all my thoughts back in my mind and simply started to write every word and every sentence as they were coming. This may come to you naturally, being a human with brain, and if not – please strain a bit please but DON’T GIVE UP!
The more you write, merrier it is for the same will help you ultimately identify the genre you are best in, so go on have fun writing!

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