A Life Less Ordinary

How does it feel sitting in a canter or assault vehicle, going for a combat in a hostile zone? I wonder what might be going through their minds when they know this might be the last day of their lives. One or all of them could die facing the fearful odds.

Probably it gives them more strength to know that this might be the end of it. It probably gives them a contentment having to know that they are servicing their motherland with the utmost level of sacrifice-their lives. The confrontation with death is the moment of self-realization. If you are gone, you will be remembered; if you lived, your entire life may change; and this change is a good one. May be they know themselves better than any of us know ourselves. It makes them more lively and fill them with true feelings, no layers of fake representation, for they have seen the worst of the worst. The more they fight more calmer in the head and fiercer in the actions they grow. They are the probably only race on the earth who live life to the fullest because they know its importance- importance of every second and every breath. Perhaps their biggest moment of joy is winning over the odds and difficulties. Perhaps they feel more contented everytime they snatch the life away from death and walk with glory.

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More I think, more I get mesmerized by the sheer courage, simplicity and commitment of this community.

They ride on hard tides and harness the sea. They scale the mountains and thunder the skies. They stretch our borders to sky, sea and land and protect us.

They are the warriors, brothers and sisters of the people and sons and daughters of the motherland. They are the Soldiers.

– A tribute to the braves.

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