Watch out! Mom’s coming…

Childhood memories are the best of our memories collections. No matter how old we grow-up we always have a corner of our heart wishing to that if we could go back to that age once again. The age of no worries, the age of real emotions, the age where there were no boundaries known and the only fear, for most of us, was getting caught ‘in-action’ by our moms!

Read on as I share one such tickling memory from my childhood. [in the series of The Programmable Minds 1 & 2]

One of the many fascinations at this age was throwing things in the pond and watching them drown- with splash- making ripples; but sometimes they won’t drown and float on the surface. These we push away by throwing pebbles on them.

Situated on the western side of our home was a sizable pond with sufficient water in it to drown a calf. We were tempted, as soon we saw it, to throw things into it. There could be no greater satisfaction than throwing the things in this pond and not being caught by anyone, especially mom.

We, me and my younger, started with pebbles and tiny conch-shell found on the sand outside this water-body than gradually graduated to throwing-in virtually everything we can lay our hands on. From toys to floating wrappers of the eatables, bowls to frying pan, shoes – ours and neighbors’, bricks and stones, pencils, socks and from coins to piggy bank itself! – The Bloop! sound was the most important and fascinating part, I must admit.

This pond was muddy and deep so no one dared or took the pain to look in it. It was assumed or rather accepted that these things were lost forever until one summer the pond dried out giving away our secrets!

People from our neighborhood were shocked to see what a large amount and variety of things were a part of what came out. I thought they would be relieved to find their lost shoes, other stuff and kitchen utensils now but they were not – I although did receive sharp glances from almost all of them. Our toys, of course, were a big portion of this discovered lot; as like any other normal child we always wanted to have newer ones so what better way would be there to get rid of old ones than to throw them in a pond!


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