Photography feast!

J&K 759

J&K 717
The view of Himalayan range hills and fauna
J&K 720
A hazy perspective, through the the barbed wires, of the town ofย Katra, Jammu & Kashmir
camera rohit marrige 302
Children. Amongst all other facination of theirs is this – the street hawker’s selling samosa-chaat. I say this is what we call harmony, harmony towards people, things and believes. (Of course theirs might be a bit notorious at times!)
My dear, truley close, always correcting me, guiding me, helping me, getting not the similar response from me, friend.
Himself, Arun Kumar Gaur, MD- Aeriano India Pvt. Ltd.


Back in the village people say he is more than 100 Years old. Well, I found out he’s more than 105!
J&K 660
One precious, happy, promising, relaxing, good to eyes and for soul, moment.
J&K 701
The Helipad of Sanjhi Chhat, Katra, Jammu & Kashmir.


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