So long, loneliness!

It is hard to believe you are in this again!

The feeling of connectedness and of someone’s being there for you is thrilling. Mostly you are thinking about that one person till it’s tiring or till you get away with something else.(Okay, you never stop thinking about this new amazing individual in your life!).

It keeps bouncing your heart every time you see your love or even think about it, and a happy chill down the spine can be felt anytime! It’s almost identical to shivering, only happier. It feels like an energy rising from the heart and moving from your neck and then from muscles below each of the cheeks, below the face, crossing ears until it stirs the mind with pleasant deep feelings like that of a liquor hitting on your senses slowly.

The feeling of togetherness is very rewarding. It makes you feel complete and contended with whatever you have in your life. And for that one person, you believe, nothing you can do is enough to make them feel special. But what you don’t know is that that love of your life will find even the tiniest sign of affection and attempt of care sufficient and grateful, however small that act may be.

There lies your salvation-in this love. Bending the smallest nerves of your brain, twisting it and playing with your heart.

(In continuation from my last post: You &.. you!)


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