My Fitbit®

Now there is none, talking or running or watching TV. Whole house and the people outside have slept off. In fact half the world is sleeping.

Now it’s just the silence and whirling noise of the fan with occasional grunts from our RO-UV filter.

I can hear clock hands ticking. They show 3: 05 am. I am awake as I have a lot going through my mind.

And in order to think whenever I try to turn my head left or right the Fitbit lying near me blinks – a green light flickers a few times, every single time.

I guess I am disturbing it. Am I?

It might have been trying to sleep itself.

Who knows what might be making it tickle and glow green.

I think if it had a red light as well, this was the time it would have shown its annoyance by flashing red upon being distributed while sleeping.

So my idea is, it has been deprived of showing its annoyance and disgust or may be its anger when it is upset.

So it has been suppressed and humiliated.

I believe taking away the red light from it is same as taking away my right to complain

I feel helpless. It must be feeling the same.

Poor Fitbit.

It has been a worthy companion; showed me right time whenever I turned my wrist up even when I was only doing that to scratch my beard. It feels ticklish at times… my beard.

It has vibrated and blinked whenever I have completed my fitness goals (mostly unknowingly).

For instance, it vibrated yesterday in the market when I was roaming around with friends, and I was obliged to turn my wrist up and see what is it that’s bothering it.

Though it is non-living but I suspect it has a li’l brain hidden inside it, trying to be developed and learning more about me with every second it spends on my wrist. So it reminded me that I have walked too much that day. 10000 steps!! It reminded me to take the path leading to my home even before a living being from my home would have ringed me to remind the same.

I must, as a standard practice, applaud the engineers who built it and praise man’s scientific progress.

I must stop watching it now.

It will sleep well if it’s not lying on my Sleepwell (mattress) beside me.

May be tomorrow I’ll run more miles by deriving motivation from it. And maybe I’ll not take it off of my wrist while I sleep next time.

…for it may be feeling lonely in long humid nights.



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