Sick Days, Thinking Days

World Wars, Entrepreneurship, Society, Science, Economic Growth and GST, WADA, Cauvery Water dispute, South-China Sea and repercussions of Raghuram Rajan’s retirement these are the thoughts which can come either to a learned man with a ‘since-birth’ knack for socio-political revolution or to a sick man lying down on bed with nothing better to do than counting the droplets dripping from his intravenous glucose bag.

As easy as one can turn into Socrates or Marx by getting sick I did so too, as counting droplets gets boring eventually.

Lately I have self-helped myself to a nice Chikungunya assisted by some day-working mosquitoes. Actually, I think it must have been only one of them so it wouldn’t be fair to take this credit away from my hardworking friend and give it to the entire community of his, although they must have been doing their part for some others from my community, I think. Well, I can at least not take away the recognition from the one that bit me, so let’s just call him Joey. Cool name, eh Mr. Mosquito?

Now that I am not doing anything and bed is sick of me I took liberty to be a thinker only to realize that just how bad I am at this. I personally called them unviable solutions to absolutely-sensible-problems such as burning buses to protest for Kaveri’s (Cauvery) water and thus not spending another drop of the precious water on dousing the fire. Or blaming WADA for giving clean-chit to Russian athletes even after the big doping scam and thus allowing them to snatch away the medals we could have won in ‘Olympits’. I am sure the Paralympic guys didn’t have to face this problem as Russia is banned there. Are they?

I even think Raghuram Rajan wasn’t so bad that Swami felt the need to tarnish his image. How far one can go to pull one down anyway?

So Joey bit me by chance and didn’t realize that in return of my blood he is gifting me days of bed-rest and rest from work that wasn’t needed at all! (Come’on people, somebody loves his job here!) I didn’t get a chance to say – ‘thanks anyway’, and my brother brought home a refill for All-Out. Poor Joey!

Now my mom is also sick but in a different way. She is sick of looking at my sunken-cheeks-sunken-eyed face all day in home. She is not used-to of my face being in home all day. She thinks I am better off at work than at home cribbing about actors and picking faults in the plots of daily soaps she sees everyday. Dad, though not very fond of my sarcasm, is happy and seems more concerned than anybody else about me taking meds on time. I am a disappointment in taking care of myself so I need someone at all times. Little Joey has made the life of other members of my family more miserable than mine and it’s not his fault. He didn’t know that I turn into a non-moving inactive lump after being even a little sick and he gave me Chikungunya. There is a Hindi saying that should best find mention here – Karela Neem Chadha. (Literally: A bitter gourd mixed with the flavour of Neem; Metaphorically: A bad habit backed up by an opportunity of being able to worsen it.)

Is there any chance I didn’t mention my severe foot-ache earlier?

Words and Photographs ©Sanjeev Kumar Pandey

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