Sorry Editors

– Infamous writers. – Struggle of recognition. – Need of being consistent. – Self Publishing. – Ending with less than what expected. – A good choice?

“Do you feel Intimidated by celebrity authors and columnists?”, she asked.
“Are you not?”, I defended.
“Such budding journalist as yourself, don’t you have a similar anxiety?”, I went on from formal question-answers to establishing a connect, but she changed the topic.
She had come to invite me to for a gathering of journalists, social figures and media personalities.
I am none of them.
She wanted me to meet this editor of a magazine who apparently would have liked my work.

While I may feel bad for myself – for not being the one cherished by all, you might also have been there or still are.
I think if I would have had a writing job I probably wouldn’t have started this blog, for then I would have had a platform to express myself already and I don’t think I have a lot to write all the time. I write terribly less frequently.

Nevertheless, I do try to send my articles to editors – from magazines to newspapers, but before they can answer on my request, which is a time as long as 8 weeks, my patience runs out and I end up publishing it on my blog.
Lately, it had become an obsession to send almost everything to editors before I run out of articles for my blog (and eventually of my patience).

I am certain that there are people who would have had a similar experience before they got their first. For me that time seems even farther as my patience is in low supply and I also don’t want my blog to remain silent for weeks.

So either I self-publish and forget about the recognition or I send it and wait to probably hear sorry or a synonym of it.

So I guess I would keep publishing here until someone recognizes and I breakthrough; for otherwise results are only two words – sorry editors or sorry editors.

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