Dirty Dilemma

Travelling in a closed loco – full of people – you may have come across a situation when suddenly you start feeling an urge to pick your nose and despite you trying hard not to put a finger in your nostrils and dig out the waxed-up dirt, you give up and do it anyway as nose starts to feel ticklish after the first thought of messing with it. And then you have it – the forthcoming dilemma of what to do with it!? (read where to throw it!?) – And the first thought that comes to mind is – “Oh Darn! I didn’t think it through :P”

No, nothing will happen on cursing everything. The deed is done. The only wish you may have asked from the God, if he decided to visit you at this moment, is to make you invisible. But that never happened to anyone, not yet. He probably intend to watch and have fun.

Now is the time that you cast-off glances at everyone from one corner of your eyes to the other and make sure none saw you doing it and you are away from the mounted security camera. Probably, you may wanna adjust a bit to the left… ‘Ah! now no one sees me getting rid of it’, you thought. This could end here but it won’t. If you try to toss it using another finger, it leaves the ‘intruding’ one and sticks to another. Now you keep messing with it until it changes shape from whatever the original shape was to a tiny ball, only more spongy. Now if you have been smart enough to keep a napkin with you – the problem would have been solved. But since you’d anticipated no trouble in your daily routine, least of this nature and magnitude (rising steep though), you didn’t care to keep one. So what are you thinking of now? No! that lady may not give you hers. She’s old and nagging. Try that young one who you wouldn’t dare to ask out but can approach for a napkin. There! Bingo! You’ve got one. But in due-course of obtaining a napkin the spongy-ball of the dirt is gone! Now you wonder where did you loose it. Where on the green earth it got stuck!? Now you think you dropped it on the floor somehow – Well, you could but you didn’t. You’re forgetting something – Didn’t you brush your hair with the same hand to caress them before you approached the beautiful young lady? It struck you now – you’ve gotten your memory back. So? Now you may wanna find her and thank her for she did help you get rid of the ‘original problem’,  technically speaking; only it wasn’t with the napkin she gave you and now you have another one.

Happy Nose-Picking!!


Picture Credit: cartoonstock.com, bbc.com & miscellaneous.


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