I don’t know what you think of our situation but it sure is complicated, too much to untangle. We each know something, may be not the same things but probably similar. It is bad enough we can’t ask each other to see if other is at the same point in their anticipation and then there are these unsaid things filling up the air all around us. This is exciting though, in its own weird & unconventional way.

I am not sure if we even openly showed a ‘sign’ to each other, ever; which tells me that there is something beyond words and expressions – very twisted yet seemingly promising.

This feeling will grow inside us like the wild weed – fast & denser, until there is no void left. And then it will start dripping from our behavior around each other, like that overflowing dam which tried to hold the force of the flow but eventually gave in, turning it into a gushing waterfall so forceful that everything around it drowns into it, creating a lake out of it all – a lake of all those tangled emotions; and then it stands still – vast and calm.

I know this burns your senses like the sand of the hot desert and your breath is turned into a steam which rises up, unhindered, like that smoke coming out of a chimney and coloring everything around in its color, making it smell like it and then there is nothing else but smoke all around – it chokes you. It chokes you not to be able to do something about it; about us.

This situation of ours may not get better but we will get better at concealing, and then, I know, and you too perhaps, that we will never speak of it. 


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