The Moment

He saw her dreamy eyes from a distance; eyes those looked so deep that anything he had seen before wasn’t even close to what they were – so beautiful, vast, black, and magnetic, with an essence of joy flowing with what can only be termed as heavenly aura. Spreading the black smudge around that seemed to rise from them and falling on everything around, captivating every single thing, posing a pause to all.
Wind stopped and sounds didn’t make it to his ears and those tinge of pink blushing lips, pressed carefully together, lightly, and wet with what could only be the potion of love in true beautiful pink – a pink that instantly painted his world in the same color and anything he saw thereafter was bathed in pink, soft and tender, bound his eyes to them.

Looking into those eyes was looking into the life itself and for that moment, believe it or not, every phrase and every verse he had read and heard seemed so true, suddenly it all made sense to him. What left thereafter inside of him was a void created by receiving something. Ironic as it is, it didn’t hurt him a bit but suddenly his emotions were all over the place. Nothing did his eyes see but her and that is the beauty of it – love at first sight.

In flash of a moment he realized that he has to ask her or there won’t be a tomorrow to whine and regret for he may die either in pain of separation or of quantum of guilt inaction would perpetuate.

None heard the sound of his heart racing against time and loud thumping of it, pumping blood at gushing speed which seemed he had just run a thousand miles. His face turned red and for a moment he felt dizzy, but acquiring lost control by pressing both hands together and tapping on his heart to reassure it, he took a step forward: There was a silence and if anything else was there to hear, he didn’t have ear for it, thus a sure silence. Pouring all his emotions through his eyes he reached out to her. Their lives were changing, he knew his was the moment he saw her, and there was nothing that would have made it more satisfying or sad then the acceptance or indifference of her.

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