Resonating Lives

Time, running fast like a child who has just realized the strength of his limbs; Time, flowing slow like calm river on a plainer bed of accumulated silt; The charm of day that makes it restless when it grows short; and long sleeplesss nights pouring random thoughts, tangled and interlaced. Worried with every moment as they pass and trying to capture what it held – only to fail and realize how powerless one can be in the face of adversaries, when staring into its eyes, trying to hold on to, alone, with hands reaching out to someone or something unknown for a little strength…

I am up, staring at the roof, trying to relive the day; counting what I’ve earned and what all I could have done better. Introspection, that’s what this is – only it leaves me in much of agony for not being able to redo what all I have messed and in the end, I don’t know about constructive, this gives me an idea of how edged I have grown – not appreciating the time, relationships, and the work I do. This, however is not me alone; this is story of people around us, of you, of the one you admire, of the one you envy of, and of the ones, many out there, whom you don’t know.

In coming weeks, I will talk to and illustrate stories of people around me on how they wanted to lead thier lives and how successful are they in doing it. We would learn of their share of interesting experiences and will see the world from their eyes as they continue to strive hard and sacrifice a lot in order to stay in the race, that is forced upon by ever fast lifestyle of this metro.

To be continued…

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