No boundaries can stop a writer, eh?  I wonder who would have said this –  true it may be but it doesn’t describe the struggle and challenges one faces when trying to carve the thoughts on a paper (or screen-we are getting modern). To some it comes naturally and for others it becomes a tough job to remain contemporary. So like those ‘others’ most of the time I was able to convey my thoughts eloquently but on some others I kept writing the branched view of a thought and then its crux and than more branches and their crux and than even more branches… thus ending with a web of interconnected and disconnected thoughts and than until they all are on the screen in front of me – dancing on their own and sort of mocking me (Oh my! This all was in my head!), I spent a great amount of the time editing them so that people can read them (without coming to an awkward point!).

This state of mind and dilemma of thoughts often occurs to new writers who has a lot to write and share but not sure where to start. Most of our kind turn to the blogging sites and other platform to see what others are doing and what form of writing is appraised (read comprehended) mostly. While this quest may help one to start the journey in the world of words, on the other hand this might make one’s own flow blunt, for you may have better ideas and might be the one who would have brought-in a new style of phrasing, an unique way of story-telling and probably the fresh dimension that may not have been explored yet. Who knows?

A lifestyle coach and mentor of many firms, author of this blog is a blend of creative ideas and artistic bend of mind. He is a cosmopolitan male of a metro city and loves it for its colours and shades. A street wanderer in search of greater adventurous and a sensitive rational man who raises his voice for deprived, shares their worries, grief and moments of joy in their painfully managed livelihood.

Having seen not so long yet not so short era gone by and lived through a silver jubilee of seasons he brings you new perspective of the life from the pen of a young blood and broadened far-sighted views for the young nation, with a promise of loving it at any cost and giving it everything he has.


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