Quotes and cherished lines from my blogs, all in one place. Comment if you like some or would want to make an addition from your own or someone else’s blogs.

“It may be someone else ‘s story as well. You may also relate this to your own relationship and similarities would encourage you to flip through the pages of this memoir of my journey. The journey that started with excitements, aspirations, and dreams and ended in disgust and sorrows peeling off the fake layers of social boundaries from the character of an individual. The journey of twisting destinies and unparalleled dedication that led through the tunnel of bonds and bridges of faith.”

Love and Sorrows: An endless journey

White-Throated Kingfishers sound like a jackhammer in the hands of a jazz drummer. Asian Koels can be mistaken for star-crossed strangers saying goodbye one last time. Black-Winged Kites shriek like they are auditioning for musical satires. If the world was any crueler, music labels would hire poachers to hunt down Malabar Hornbills, and steal their summer playlists.”

Birds aren’t musicians; they are songs

“This is where I think one can find the ground shaken up for the ones spreading anything but love & compassion, and their other forms. Nadeem’s shop is a place strengthening my believe in humanity and goodness in people. If you ever doubt it due to any reason, or ordeal you have been through, for everyone has their fair share of bad experiences  – you can pay a visit to Nadeem’s too and feel that the believe that you thought was uprooting and would fall has started to hold on to the ground and the roots are again going deep, giving you strength and hope to stand up and start again.”


“In every era, whichever has passed by, the social setup has made sure that they project someone as an ideal of individual traits which would make everything else look so lame that people not abiding to the ‘desired’ characteristics are either considered unsuccessful or, worse, evil.”

“Perception of, and setup of, a society defines the kind of hero they need to drive their interests.”

The Hero within us: a Perception or Alternate-Self