Shameless Self-Promotion

Not a fan of usual things I ended up being the one who loved exploring less-favored things to find a meaning in them. Not to tell, many a times I have failed very badly in my adventurous quests and a few others (those keep telling me that there’s more) I was able to conquest, so I have taste of it! – the blood into the chalice of victory.

A writer, photographer and speaker, I have explored many avenues of ‘intellectual-fun’.

I have been at various levels and at many ends, receiving, giving and as spectator of transformations around me – in terms of career-moulding, entrepreneurial help and sometimes ‘just been there’  to make my presence felt and influence matters.

I am someone with a pen – call me any of these – author, editor, blogger, creative consultant, and brand & content manager.

To sum it all up – I am all about communication. I advise brands how to better communicate with their audiences – stakeholders, customers, employees and clients.

My areas of expertise include Content Management, Brand & Corporate Communication, Product Marketing, Social Media Positioning, Public Relations and Sales Support.

Write to me at if you want to hire me as a consultant, collaborate with me in any creative venture or just talk about the thing I write about in this blog.

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Note: The words and photographs featured on this blog are mine (unless specifically credited to an external source)